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Branicur SQ Status Sphere
DOB:  3/7/2016

Status Sphere is owned by Carie Johnson & White Mountains Ranch

Sire:  Branicur Elle's Status Quo
            SS:  SGCH Lakeshore Farms Star Status
            SD:  SGCH Branicur Farms Rambin' Elle
Dam:  SGCH Branicur AJ Southern Belle
            DS:  Branicur Farms Ace Jumanji
            DD:  SGCH Branicur Farms TC Dixie

Dam:  SGCH Branicur AJ Southern Belle
4-02 91(EEEE)


Mojave Dunes Man in Black
DOB:  3/25/2011

Sire:  Mojave Dunes Smooth Criminal
            SS:  Kastdemur's I'll Be Back
            SD:  Mojave Dunes BH Cachet
Dam:  Stagelight PK Zeribella
             DS: Stagelight Palace Knight
             DD:  Stagelight PA Zerabelle

Man In Black is owned by Eagle River Ranch, Poway, California.



Stagelight PK Zeribella


Mojave Dunes Smooth Criminal


   Mojave Dunes Never Give Up
DOB:  2/25/2013


Sire:  Lakeshore Playboy's Solarin
            SS:  J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy
            SD:  Lakeshore DL Solaris
Dam:  Brindavans Sienna
             DS:  Mojave Dunes Smooth Criminal
             DD:  Mojave Dunes Michala


Brindavans Sienna


Lakeshore Playboy's Solarin


Mojave Dunes Graffiti Splash
DOB:  3/4/2013


Sire:  Kastdemur's Santa Ana Breeze
            SS:  Kastdemur's Time In A Bottle
            SD:  Kastdemur's Sea Breeze
Dam:  Amberwood Galileo's Glimmer
             DS:  J2K Capraio Giovanni's Galileo
             DD:  Rose Valley's Holly Go Lightly


Amberwood Galileo's Glimmer


Kastdemur's Santa Ana Breeze


Mojave Dunes Bazinga
DOB:  4-10-16


Sire:  Brindavans Travler
Dam:  Mojave Dunes Glimmers Glamour



     Mojave Dunes
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